Monday, 28 October 2019

It's early but get ready to: Put Christ back into your Christmas cards!

Hello dear friend,

Thank you so much for stopping by! It cannot have missed your attention that though Christmas is still a couple of months away we are already being bombarded by consumerist adverts. Get your sofa ordered, plan your meals, buy the children’s toys, and so on. Although I personally don’t like this extra-long build-up I only have one reason for today’s blog: I would like to encourage all Christians to send Christmas cards relevant to the birth of Jesus.

Many Christian friends and relatives have said they do not send religious cards as they can’t find any. So my early plea is coming to give you plenty of time to source them. The place I buy mine is at the church I go to. So do check yours out as the first port of call. After that, if you can’t find any in your local shops, there is a list of links below to make it easier for you to get your hands on something relevant to the religious celebration this year.

What it really takes though, I feel, is a decision to only send these relevant cards instead of usual robins and tinsel. Hands up – I used to send these too! Robins happen to be my favourite birds by the way, and I love a lot of tinsel decked around my home and Christmas tree. The decorations sit happily beside my nativity scene crib. But some years ago I made the decision to stick to the point of Christmas in my cards: a religious festival. And when I visit friends and relatives at Christmas and see that often the only religious card among the strings of cards on display in their homes is mine it makes me sad…

You know it would make you feel better to start the celebrations in the right way: commemorating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Come on, let’s put Christ back into Christmas!


Here is a selection of the links I found on Google for religious Christmas cards. I have not bought any from them so I have none to recommend personally. But I do read Our Daily Bread daily and can vouch that it is an inspiring read so I’ve put them at the top of the list.

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