Thursday, 15 October 2020

Inspiration to lift your day!

Hello dear friend,

So good of you to take a minute out of your busy day to drop by for a little inspiration.

If you read my last post on the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal, on 13th October 1917 maybe you were unlucky enough to read it as a whole bunch of text without para breaks! I do apologize for that! The reason being that Blogger has changed its format, and now ignores the Enter key, so no para breaks. Doing a little research I discovered they have gone back about 20+ years in programming and are now using machine code instead! Nuts eh! Ah well, it's a free service so I'll just have to get used to its new vagaries. I have now updated the post so feel free to dive on in!

The great news is that God doesn't keep changing His rules. I love that message I sometimes see on banners outside churches: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Praise the Lord oh my soul.

For a little spiritual elevation try this prayer, or one of your own: 'Dear Lord, I thank You for the gift of this day. Please help me employ all the talents you have blessed me with in order to bless others. I ask this in the name of Jesus Your Son. Amen.'

For further inspiration I wrote a book showing clearly how to come close to God. It is called 9 Days to Heaven, How to make everlasting meaning of your life. Here is the link for the book trailer:

You can buy the book on lots of sites the web. Or click this link:

It is also available as an e-book and here is a link for that:


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