Thursday, 13 December 2018

Let the Wonder of Nature Lift Your Spirits!

Hello dear friend!
If you are one of my regular followers (you are so many in number, and from all parts of the globe, and it would be wonderful if you, one day when you stopped by, left me a personal message!) you will know that I love to take a brisk walk in natural surroundings as often as possible. To fit this into my busy life these walks usually last about 30 minutes. If you read my last post you already know that I am dreading Christmas due to the loss of my lovely Mum and Dad. But! As a passionate Christian, my choice is to firmly keep switching the focus onto the real meaning of the season: the celebration of the birth of Jesus, Saviour of the World!

Yes, I do generally also enjoy the hoopla; the glitz and glamour of Christmas celebrations. And the family customs which develop over the years. And of course, it is the latter, which is most painful right now. But I finally worked up the steam yesterday to start my Christmas shopping. And I managed to get quite a few gifts and also lots of goodies too for the yuletide meals and refreshments. So, a good start.

So, today I went for my walk. Since I moved house I take this walk around a nearby lake. This is such a blessing as it is home to numerous swans, ducks, geese, gulls, kingfishers and so on. And today I saw three squirrels too. This all lifted my spirit. Wonderful. And made me want to share it with you which, as a writer who has not been writing, lifted me still higher.

I hope that you get some spiritual food today too. Whether in a crowded city, by the sea, or inland, try looking up at a bird in flight and marvel at what you see. Marvel too that you Can SEE. That is such a blessing and a gift. And if you are also going through a bad time I recommend you to try to help someone else today. Even by making, say, a quick call to a person you know could do with knowing that you 'care'!

Hope to speak to you again soon...

Love and God bless
Teresa x

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