Friday, 4 January 2019

Feed a poor child for that Happy New Year feeling!

Cité Soleil. Mary's Meals fed 6000 primary school children here before the earthquake, the rebuilding process is well under way.

Photo by Thomas Black57 - Own work, Public Domain,

Happy New Year dear friend. And thank you so much for dropping by.

Over the Christmas holiday I watched more television than I have in years!  This included watching adverts by a number of charities bringing the plight of those less fortunate to our attention. And though it did prompt me to donate, it also reminded me of the charity, #Mary's Meals,  a wonderful organization which you will never see advertising.. anywhere.  (I heard about it at church.)

Their slogan is: A simple solution to world hunger.

The reason for their seemingly low profile is the fact that they use 93 pence in each £1 donated to feed the children we donate for - please see my 2012 blog post Mary's Meals Deliver Food and Hope. The main work of Mary's Meals is to encourage children in poor countries to get an education. They do this by providing a meal for them each day they attend school.



When I went onto the Mary's Meals site I found something great going on: a campaign called "Double the Love" ! This means that if you donate now the UK government will match your donation.

It costs the organization £13.90 to feed a child at school for a whole year. The great thing is that by donating now they can feed TWO children instead. Wow! I highly recommend it.

For more information and to donate please click on the link below.

Mary's Meals

Love and blessings

Teresa x

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