Saturday, 12 September 2020

Keep Christocentric!

Hello dear friend,

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Last night I had a very powerful experience of temptation which I just had to share with you. The Devil told me I was worthless, and for a few minutes I bought his lie!

This is what happened:

It was late, but, and not quite ready to go to bed I started channel hopping with the TV remote. I finally came to TBN, a Christian channel you may be familiar with. ( was a Praise programme and a band was on stage playing brilliant, uplifting music. I listened spellbound for a few moments and then… was flooded with negativity, against… myself!

I felt absolutely useless in the face of this band’s talent. It was as if anything and everything I created or tried to create was, and would be, as nothing next to the beauty of the work I was witnessing. So that, in just a few short moments, I felt reduced to worthlessness.

I tried tentatively to fight back with: “Well, there’s my writing - which some people value.”

And got back: “Huh! Your writing, huh! It’s rubbish!”

I said, “But I’ve just had another book accepted for publication so it can’t be that bad.”

I got back: “Forget it! You’re worthless!!”

I felt so bad.  In the space of a couple of minutes I felt reduced to nothing.

Just about to turn off the television my eyes were drawn across my lounge to a picture of Jesus. I looked at it, then back at the screen, and it was like my perception broadened. As I watched the performers and the audience it struck me that they were all filled with love for God, and were showing Him that.  

So instead of switching off I just focussed on their worship and praise of the God Whom I too love, worship and praise. And I thanked God for them and their testimony of love in song and music. And when that band was replaced by anther and then another I continued to watch and enjoy both the music and the testimony.

Then I watched a talk segment with a man who had become a Christian at the age of 18 and, though an important scientist, is also a preacher who has brought many to God.

He shared the moment of his conversion. Then he told the viewers how they too could be saved. He said that you should tell God that you are sorry for all your sins, confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in His resurrection, and then you are saved. He also advised everyone to read the Bible every single day.

When I finally switched the TV off I was feeling very close to Christ. I was also feeling very empowered in my work too. I laughed at myself. “What a big fat lie that was about me being worthless!” I said to myself. “The Father of All Lies at work again!”

And so, my friend in Christ, when you next come up against a lie from the Father of All Lies try saying this prayer, or one of your own: "Dear Lord, please hold me in the palm of Your hand and keep me safe from this negativity which is threatening my peace of mind. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son. Amen.”

I wrote a book showing clearly how to put your hand into God’s and to keep close to Him. It is called 9 Days to Heaven, How to make everlasting meaning of your life. Here is the link for the book trailer9 Days to Heaven

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Wishing you a blessed weekend.


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