Friday, 22 May 2020

Closed churches: Priestly ministrations greatly increased!

Rt Rev Paul Stonham, Abbot of Belmont Abbey
Photo from Catholic People

Hello dear friend,
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that you and yours are keeping safe in this coronavirus pandemic.

If you wonder what work our priests are doing now that the churches are shut to prevent the spread of coronavirus take a look at the following link and see.

You will discover that many are among our unsung heroes as they minister to the dying in hospitals - a job they do regularly, pandemic or not.  They too are risking their lives in order to bring the comfort of God's blessings upon the suffering. When they get to go home they then have to take the phone calls from the bereaved and grieving. And carry out funeral services under strict rules of social distancing.

They are used to this work, of course, but not the volume they currently face. Not the loss of such a number of previously fit or reasonably healthy people cut down much sooner than could have been anticipated.

Have you heard any of this in the media? Have they spoken about priests or other ministers and their crucial role in helping to relieve suffering? Well I haven't! Actually, in all the countless reports I've watched and read and listened to relating to this pandemic I have only heard the role of the Church mentioned once, en passant, and that was in relation to being but one of the organisations which usually identify people at risk in their own homes from violent partners. 

When it comes to mental health issues help lines have been highlighted for suffers to turn to. But not once has prayer or God or churches had a mention. I don't know about you but it is my faith in Jesus Christ which is keeping me going in all this! Yet at the last census 59.3% of the population of the UK identified as Christian. The majority. But to the media we are invisible. Make no mistake, when they ignore the Church they ignore the majority of the people. Us. And what do we do about it? Well, we generally simply smart in silence, and pray hard for the ignorant.

To begin to mitigate this situation prayer is indeed a great starting point. You may like to say the following prayer, or one of your own.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I love You above all things. I am so very sorry when people ignore You - Who made everything and by Whose bounty we live each day.  I ask You to forgive their ignorance and to flood them with Your saving grace and gift of faith so that they come to know You and love You as You deserve. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Your beloved Son, Amen 

After praying I suggest you join the Christian Institute, a non-denominational organisation which fights for Christian rights and is a powerful Christian voice in the world. To check out their work please click on the following link. They are also a good source of up to the minute news.

Wishing you continued health and strength at this very testing time.

God bless
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