Saturday, 19 February 2022

Up your leadership skills through Nehemiah


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When a fellow Christian author asked me to review her new book I felt, as always, greatly honoured! 

From the USA, and a missionary in South Africa, it is great to connect with another author; living in a different part of the globe, but very much of the same heart for Christ. Here is my review.

An engaging, thought provoking, and informative read. This book goes way beyond a typical executive manual. Part memoir, liberally laced with biblical wisdom, the general principles of these leadership skills can be used as effectively in the home or place of worship, as in the workplace. The author turns the story of Nehemiah – who listens for, and carries out, God’s will, in order to achieve successful outcomes – into a step-by-step lesson on using the Bible as a blueprint for Christian living. If you need to lead someone then delve into these pages and learn how to do it God’s way.

I greatly recommend this book to you.

Let the important theme of the book sink into your heart with the following meditation.

1 minute meditation 

* Close your eyes and take a deep in-breath. As you breathe out feel the whole of your body relax. 

* Now say this prayer, or one of your own:

 "Dear Lord, please help me to discover Your will through the Scriptures, and to carry it out by the power of Your Holy Sprit. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen."

* When you are ready open your eyes and have a big stretch.

With every blessing!


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