Wednesday, 2 March 2022

St. Michael the Archangel watching over Kyiv


Photo of statue of St. Michael the Archangel watching over Kyiv by Gleb Albovski from

Hello dear friend,

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you are well!

No matter where you are in the world I'm sure you feel horrified by what is happening in Ukraine! And, like me, you are probably still in shock that such barbaric acts of aggression are being suffered by the citizens of this peaceful and democratic part of Europe. I am confident that my Russian friends, the ones who know the truth of the situation from independent sources, are as shocked and disgusted as us. The words "David and Goliath" keep coming into to my mind; probably yours too. And we are collectively praying for the same outcome as in the Bible story, when David, the seemingly weaker man, beat Goliath. This defeat of the big bully is a good reminder that God's ways are not ours.  

On numerous occasions in my life, when things have looked bad, God has answered my prayers in surprising ways: unexpected twists, dead ends, barriers, and so on that have caused delays in a process, which, in turn, led onto welcome reprieves. And onwards to eventual good outcomes. Perhaps you recognise this pattern from your own life; your personal answered prayers...      

Today, I read an article from the #Christian Institute site about American, Sharyn Borodina, who was a missionary in Ukraine, whose husband is still there and has joined in efforts to repel the invading Russian army.,7RE7H,J9EB8Q,VN8WT,1 She said, "We're hearing time and time again, that the Ukrainian army is saying 'we recognise that there's no reason that we are able to hold back the enemy forces', they know that God is helping them they're seeing miracle after miracle; bombs dropping that don't explode, Russian tanks that run out of gas for no reason, Russian soldiers who are putting down their weapons and giving themselves up as POWs because they're not passionate about this conflict."

Please God, may that Divine intervention continue, even as we pray too for the poor Russian soldiers caught up in this madness against their will and conscience. 

To focus on that you could try the following. 

1 minute meditation 

* Close your eyes and take a deep in-breath. As you breathe out feel the whole of your body relax. 

* Now say this prayer, or one of your own:

 "Dear Lord, please flood the whole world with Your Love and Peace. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen."

* When you are ready open your eyes and have a big stretch.

Wishing you every blessing!


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