Monday, 4 April 2022

Former Archbishop of Canterbury: Expel Russian Orthodox Church

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Thank you so much for stopping by today to learn of the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams' suggestion that the Russian Orthodox Church be expelled from the World Council of Churches. This has come about as their Patriarch, Kirill 1, has said he agrees with President Putin's War against Ukraine - referred to in Russia by the euphemism: Special Operations.  

Speaking on BBC’s Radio 4 Program on 3rd April, Mr. Williams also said that many other Orthodox churches were likely to take the same view point. "When churches are actively supporting the war of aggression, failing to condemn nakedly obvious breaches in any kind of ethical conduct in wartime then other churches do have the right to raise the question."

 He added, “I think there is a strong case for expulsion, because we have seen those signs."

Of course, patriarch Kirill is in a tricky position, given that in Russia it is a huge risk to show any opposition to its current leader. (Anyone even calling this war "The War" risks 10 to 15 years imprisonment.) However, as Mr. Willams points out, “There could just be a sense that the Orthodox leadership would press for a ceasefire, an effective and credible ceasefire, that would be something that will be the basis on which conversation could start.”

“I have a suspicion that at least some other Orthodox churches would take the same view because I know that there are many people in the Orthodox world who feel that orthodoxy itself is compromised by this, who feel almost ashamed to be associated and I would want to listen very carefully to what other Orthodox churches have to say.”

Mr. Williams also had a stern message for Patriarch Kirill, he said: "Your own flock are being killed in Ukraine, by other members of your own flock.

"It is your responsibility to condemn the killing of your own flock, for whom you are answering to Jesus Christ."

To add your prayers to others praying for peace in Ukraine, and everywhere in the globe, say the following prayer, or one of your own.

"Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly ask You to look with pity upon the people of Ukraine (and others around the globe who also find themselves in similar situations) who are being mercilessly attacked by aggressors. Please flood all involved, in any way - including Russian soldiers, with Your divine and merciful love, so that peace reigns once more. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen." 

May God continue to bless you


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